Management of Separately Owned Property

In addition to the management of tenements and of Communities of Owners (WEG) we are very experienced in the management of Separately Owned Property (SEG). Several hundred customers already have decided in our favour.

We take over all the burden of managing the apartment they have bought. Settlement of operating costs, tenant affairs, formulation of contracts, damage management or correspondence with the authorities.

We will take care of everything!


Our renting strategy focuses on a seamless re-letting of residential and commercial property. Upon reception of the rental termination letter or before the expiry of existing rent contracts we take care of all relevant measures to find a suitable new tenant and/or re-formulate the rental agreement.


In cooperation with major real estate portals and our large network of potential tenants we will always present your property in its best light.

Optimum value enhancement and cost saving

Engineering and Construction Team

In order to enhance the value of your property – together with architects and certificated construction engineers – we would be pleased to supervise and coordinate all works in the fields of restoration, modernisation, including adding floors, installing lifts or restoring or renovating facades and roofs.


In cooperation with skilled engineers, certificated construction engineers and architects we are ideally positioned for this type of work. You will profit from our network of construction companies which our project management team has been working with for many years.