von Rüden
Immobilien GmbH

von Rueden Immobilien GmbH is a family-run business. We provide high-quality and customer-oriented services and consultation covering all real estate issues. The commercial and technical management of tenement houses, Communities of Owners (WEG) and Separately Owned Property (SEG) as well as the management of commercial property are our core business. From our long years of experience we know that the real work starts after the purchase of the property. In addition, we offer our domestic and foreign customers a professional, value- and performance-oriented property management, including our own renting service.

You will benefit from a wealth of expertise and experience which we have accumulated over more than 20 years. We will always provide an optimum result. Another advantage is our network of notaries, tax advisors (including specialists for international customers and investors), experts, lawyers, architects and financing banks, which has evolved in the course of the years.


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